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6 steps will help your career like a duck

If you find that the work is not promising, you may need for a boss. "Traditionally, what promotion means a change in position in the organization." Managing director of a management consulting firm, said, "Now, it refers to existing in-house or outside, to help people achieve career goals any job changes. "Whether you decide to stay in the company now, or intend to find another job, the following six steps will help you in business, enjoying the next level.

1. To the boss directly above target

"If you want a promotion, we must let management know that your goals and expertise to tell them straight."

Work in a finance company after two years, Lisa was informed that he would take over customer service manager. However, she did not get the job work of the most oil and water - for new customers to design training and teaching materials. This work by her new boss is responsible for.

But the new boss no time to design their own hands, Lisa was volunteered. Her new boss, said: "I'm rich creative, design and writing experience, you'll see it my" less than 3 months, she completed this work, the design of the material is most welcome. How often did, Lisa was promoted to department of Fu Zongguan located.

2. Take precautions to solve problems

Talk about goals can make you attention, but you also need to prove itself. As with many capable employees in the same position hovering over the years attest, just do a good job is not enough available. You should focus on doing the work under one.

5 years ago, Huiping as the company's personnel manager. Took office, she faced a difficult thing: because of the company's managers have just moved to new offices a few kilometers away, to stay in the warehouse employees feel neglected, emotionally volatile, Huiping a more lax people go. She then included the re-located his office in the warehouse. Later, she trained storage administrators dry Troubleshooting members work to address problems of concern to employees. As she this - cut very timely and appropriate treatment, she quickly improve.

Huiping is forced into a boss's burden, but you can not wait for a crisis to prove your courage. A professional consultant to tell you recommend the best way to prove what you find can be handled by another pile of work.

When you take on more responsibility, you should keep a note of the achievements, such as the company saves time, money, or make new products come out and so on. The results file can help you promoted in two ways: first, you can use to override the responsibility of the trip, including the new report, and the second is that you can use to rewrite your resume.

3. The constructive comments

In the past, on the boss is often the only life can rise higher and higher, but now, the management pay more attention to those who dare to express different views of employees. These people's opinions, often allowing companies to avoid major damage or trouble.

New Account Manager Jun inauguration, the next day to participate in senior management meeting to discuss the company introduced a car primer. "Our paint is always yellow." He said at the meeting, "but from conversations with customers, we know that they are more like light gray."

Although he had just entered the management, Li Jun was still calm and explain why the paint color to gray to increase sales. Today, the light gray primer is the company's best-selling products. Jun boldly put forward their views, but he is quite smart sleek, but cautious about the needs of customers.

Experts believe that Jun's strategy called perfect, worthy of emulation. That is, not directly against other people's views, but should make constructive comments. Refrain from saying "Your approach does not work", say "If so, the effect may be better."

4. Go all out to assist the manager

A strong real estate company in Shanghai, as a junior staff member. His job is to study the map, call the Company may be interested in renting to customers skyscraper construction. When the immediate supervisor that wants to call him, he readily agreed. A strong well known in Shanghai's real estate situation, supervisors are familiar with the needs of all tenants. They soon join hands, the Shisuo Chang, to convince tenants to rent them to sell the commercial building.

Over the years, They - Straight to help each other, cooperation even contact. Later, when the boss diverted as senior management consultant, he introduced A strong to very large city to another real estate venture. "The most crucial is his trust in me." A Strong explains, "Once he was looking for people to discuss big business, he knew sent me downwards they relieved."

5. To win the trust of colleagues

Infighting between colleagues competition is gone, many companies cut spending and layoffs, the employees of the increased workload. In this situation, the division of labor is very important. None of my colleagues - whether superiors or subordinates - the support, you will be very difficult to get things done.

Aviva is a meat processing company executive. For him, the support of colleagues is essential. Over the past 20 years, he started from the production line, one step promotion to senior management. Aviva often on behalf of all past negotiations with the foreman, to resolve disputes, employees have to trust her. It is this trust, so she repeatedly promoted. Management know, by virtue of the prestige of her employees, Aviva can be a competent manager.

"Was promoted in the company enjoys a good reputation." Career prospects in the new century by the Zhang Li said, "They were able soared because of the same class and supervisors trust them."

6. To create their own jobs

Even if the work is not suitable, you can still create their own posts up advancement. Saxton Bell in the famous broadcaster. Jouve company office, a senior management staff to analyze the company's many branches, develop plans to coordinate their work. Saxton to focus on Wilding film production companies. Although the company has been losing money, but Saxton know it can be profitable.

To this end, he proposed a specific marketing plan to sell the film studio proposal Wilding company will focus on business consulting and marketing new products, the supervisors have been highly praised for the Wilding immediately promoted to Saxton vice president, director of market development. Not - in work, he began to Wilding Division Chicago profit company. Saxton using performance management to prove his ability to create for themselves - a higher office.

Whether you want to present the company's promotion, or trying to look for a better job, these 6 steps will help you achieve the target on the hand, persistent, resourceful, you will find the next promotion just around the corner.

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